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Kamilla’s Vision

She believes that our property tax should not be increased for at least 5 to 10 years or until our economy picks up, but yet we will be able to meet our City’s financial needs with current set tax payment. Kamilla will work hard creating new jobs in the City of Calgary and help smaller business grow and establish themselves.

Kamilla will work to have more pedestrian cross walks and have sidewalks installed where mail boxes are located for safety reasons. The C-train tracks in the NE need more visible flashing lights signals and have the crossing gates locked electronically while the train passes by.

I am Calgarian, I love my City and my Community. Every decision I make on Council will be guided by simple principle Consider People First.


Community Service Work
  • Served various communities with seniors, young adults and children for the past 18 years in NE.
  • Worked with the council of the Sikh Organizations Calgary since 2012 serving women, children with domestic voilence and abuse, drug awareness programs and mental health issues in men.
  • New comers and refugee integration programs, support group counselling and ESL classes.
  • Freeze Property Taxes until Economy recovers.
  • Stop the wasteful spending and be fiscally responsible.
  • Reduce crime to create safe and secure communities.
  • Have Pedestrian cross walk where mailbox is located for safer crossing.
  • C-Train NE – crossing need more visible flashing signals for pedestrians.

All Calgarians want the best for future generation and I want to be the voice for the future in Ward 10.
I will work hard to help bring positive changes.


Election Countdown

Advance Vote: October 4 – 11

(excluding October 9)

Election Day: October 16